Kolo Mee @ Nam Hoi Restaurant, 7th Mile

This ain't Mizz Coki's blog if I don't post Kolo Mee picture.
I grow my enthusiasment in sampling every single bowl like a Bipolar.
This is my current craziness.
Nam Hoi's Kolo Mee is served in a red plastic plate and the portion is 'ngam-ngam' to jump start our morning.

I always posted about the one in First Choice Cafe, King Centre previously right?
Well, for my weekend supplement, I will surely go to The Big Bean Cafe, Sekama.
I love the old uncle's white Kolo Mee soooo much.
White as in not drenching my noodle with Char Sio oil.

This one in Nam Hoi, I have my own way to make it more tantalizing ya know!
Just when noodle arrived on my table, I will splash splosh some white pepper, not some but generously and I do the same to the soup too.
Mix mix there I go,
Aaaahhhh.. can't wait to have another tomorrow.

Nite nite!

With Love,


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