Laksa Sarawak @ The Big Bean Kopitiam, Sekama

Enough with Kolo Mee this time.
Last Sunday we went to The Big Bean at Sekama Road because Mr. Hubby was craving for their awesome laksa.
Pardon them for the polystyrene bowl.
It's a common thing to see during CNY season almost every kopitiam is using disposable cutleries.
Disposable chopsticks, plastic spoon, polystyrene bowl and plates!

This laksa reminds me of the laksa that our caterer, Kak Aza was cooking when I worked at hq.
Same broth, same spiciness with big chunky prawns.
The price is RM4.50 per bowl and you should try this one as it has less 'lemak' (milky fatty taste) if compared to the one at Golden Arch Mall, 3rd Mile.

I rarely have Laksa Sarawak for my breakfast.
It would give my tummy a surprise and you know what will happen right after.
But giving a chance to sample this ambrosial laksa is quite a sinful experience and I am always thrilling to do that!

With Love,

Kolo Mee @ CNY Season -- BDC's Siang Siang Corner

We've been searching up and down, looking for the most ridiculous yet pricey a bowl of Kolo Mee nearby our area.
4 days in a row hunting for it, we found this on the fourth day.
With the amount of RM3.00 this is what you'll get.
Portion reduced.

We can simply accept the amount even though we are charged for how much?
RM6 per bowl?
As long as the portion sits still.
But one surely protest when they find out that the portion is reduced despite the untouched price.

So intolerable!

p/s:  Please ignore the frequency of Kolo Mee's entries in this blog.  I'm so in love with it. Lol.

With Love,

Price Increase for Kolo Mee During CNY Season

It is normal in Kuching to have the normal Kolo Mee at RM4-5 per bowl during Chinese New Year (CNY) season.
We had this lil chit chat with my aunties last nite during CNY dinner, she told me that this one particular place sold Kolo Mee for RM7!!!!
Wah, freakingly RM7???????
We're so lucky.
I had my 'refill' this morning.
They charged it for RM3.50, only 50 cents extra charge.
Though the amount of noodles is 'reduced' a bit I still find it OK if compared to RM7.00.

This is my favorite on top of my list.
From First Choice Cafe, King Centre

This one?
I had it in Sri Aman.
Forgot the cafe's name already.
Don't be deceived by the reddish Char Sio color.
It's actually --- CHILLI SAUCE!

I'm so into this The Big Bean Cafe, Sekama.
The only Kolo Mee stall there is selling this jewel.
RM4.50 per bowl and this is damn tasty!
Don't go for 'merah' (with Char Sio oil).
Get it bland like this then you would believe me.

So readers,
Again, what is your poison?

With Love,

In Love with Indonesian Food

Warung Nasi Kuning is one of my favorite eating spots in Kuching.  It's located at Jalan Tun Jugah, just before the Petronas station.  I never order anything else except for this particular Bakso (beef meatballs with egg noodles).  It comes with hearty broth and fully loaded with green leafy veggies.

That's is a yum!

With Love,

Delicious Bite 'Houz of Cakes' by Winnie Stephen

Hello Kuching peeps!

Is your sweet tooth craving for something comforting at this moment?
I know how to fix em.

But before that,
I give you the entree.

My friend, Winnie is doing some bakings at home.
You might want to book her when you see the pictures that are attached here.

These are Red Velvet cupcakes that she baked for me last November.
Yum yum.

I promoted her business, she baked me this for FREE.
Damn cute.

This is Gabby's birthday cake.
So Princessy.

She made this kinky cake as requested by her customer.

Whenever she tries new icing recipe, she would generously give me some to sample. 
Please envy me now people.

Should you need to place an order from her, please visit her FACEBOOK page.
Her price is very reasonable.
Trust me.
You can request for less sweet especially for those who are watching their weight and sugar level.
Worry not, her cakes are all HALAL.
Delivery is FREE within Kuching area.

With Love,

I'am Miss Noodle


Recently I subscribed to Foodspotting.
Have you heard about it?
You know that stuff,where we spot some good food and post it.
Like Foursquare, those who are equipped with good Android phone would be able to enjoy this apps.
I've reached the 'Noodle Expert' award and this apps is fun y'all.

Kolo Mee @ The Big Bean Cafe, Sekama

The classic Kolo Mee from K.Y. Cafe, Sekama

Kolo Mee from First Choice Cafe, King Centre.

I have more pictures in my Facebook account and mostly I captured noodles and more noodles.
So, what's your poison?

 With Love,

Hello Again!

You know what?
I'm back y'all.

Yes, I'm back to rock this blog.
It's been a long long time for the hiatus as I am concentrating to blog in Malay in my other blog.
The reason why -- I saw my readers were mostly Malaysians and converse in Malay language so I decided to close down this one.

I was wrong dude!

Check these two pictures as comparison.

My English Blog.

My Malay blog.

Recently I've got myself 1st payment from Nuffnang.
My heart told me to check my blogs' stats.
My silence English blog did contribute some cash for me.
Pity poor my baby.

I'll be updating you from now on.

That's my promise.


With Love,


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