Any big feet ladies out there?

I'd like to touch about this as this is quite a problem for me. As we know that bigger feet needs more cash to buy bigger shoes. So far, I've found some cheap pump shoes at Ai Kian, King Centre and at Wisma Hopoh but I don't rely on the quality as what my Marie Claire and Bata Flexible give me. Yes, MC and BF burnt a hole in my purse eventhough the quality is slightly better than the normal 'Cap Ayam' shoes.

Enough with the above shoes. I'm done with the styles. Anyone has better suggestions?

With Love,


I started my working weeks with full of distraction. Seriously emotionally and physically I am feeling very fatigue this week. Yes, as I blogged before it was my menses. Don't worry guys, I will go for an ultrasound session soon.

I'm a serious person when it comes to work but after Gawai holidays I feel demotivated, trying to figure it out. Oh, perhaps, until to date, I don't attend any course or seminar as I did prolifically like last year.

Hmmm.. someone please motivate me, please please! I need more than long holiday I guess.

What I actually miss to do the most during this time?

Helping MIL to look after this lil Chucky while she's cooking. It ain't babysitting but more to TV watching, haha. We have to put barrier in front of the TV cabinet otherwise he will push the Astro Decoder buttons.

... and waiting for this fellow to come and wrestled with him. Very big guy, he belongs to our neighbour. Always come to have free food. I love Bam Bam.

My first day at office? I look like this!

With Love,


I'm so fatigue lately.

Finally, I went to the nearby private clinic and doctor gave me MC wink for today.

I almost fainted last nite and barfed a few times outside our car.

I made this, this morning. Cute ain't it. I've got talent. Haha.

How bad my menses is? sad I cannot tell. Got the pic inside my HP and two persons almost fainted just by looking at it what more to put on this blog?? Guys, don't worry. mrgreen I keep the pic to myself.

With Love,


A happy Gawai picture at my cuzzy's house. From left, Sayra, Cynthia, Gabby, Lancelot.


This is my final holiday entry. The honeymoon is going to be over soon. Gonna say goodbye to all the heavenly things I do daily, - waking up late, mugs of caffeine fix, conquering TV, unlimited online activities, cooking (oh, I miss cooking!), visiting the shopping malls when everyone is dying working in the office haha!

What have I achieved so far? I gained weight, I got more pimples, baggy sleepy eyes, more fun, (should I mention it over again?). Room clearance? Only the box that full of gadget craps. I need to clear them. More of sorting works to come. I hate sorting stuff, just to be frank.

Oh, just to add the torture. My Streamyx modem has gone to heaven. Need to buy a new modem, money again. I hate to think about spending more cash, more and more. Didn’t celebrate Gawai but we did spend extra this month, going back and forth twice to Sri Aman, plus the Sematan thingy, plus the ‘jalan jalan cari makan’ or ‘Jalan Jalan Buang Duit’ as what hubby always says. Pity hubby, you have married a big spender. Not the underwear ok? Yes, that one we will talk about later.. big spender, big size spender haha.

It’s not Miss Coki’s blog without foodie pics right guys? Yes. We visited cousin Venni at their crib, located in the greenery MJC Sanctuary Courtyard last week and we really had good jolly time there.

Lemang and Kelupis. Yum.

This is our family's recipe, inherited by the Unaks haha. This is called Rendang Bawang, no, no, it doesn't contain all onions in the world but we normally use extra bawang in this Beef Rendang. Less kerisek.

This is Chicken Pansoh. Served piping hot from the bamboo!

Mutton curry. Hubby loves this too much but I warned him already, for his high blood pressure.

Well, that’s it. Blogging from my bedroom via some 'generous' neighbour's internet line. Sorry dude, please install password next time. Haha.

With Love,


On the first day of Gawai Dayak, we made a visit to Sematan's Beach.

The plan came to mind spontaneously. The idea came when we stopped by the road side to buy some corns. Me love corn, who doesn’t love corn, ah so corny! The next day hubby came up with an idea to grill the corn at the beach – Sematan! Oh yes, the weather was hot but I didn't care, I looked at the brighter side - the was gorgeous! So by 10:00 a.m. everyone has taken their baths and packed foodstuff, I fried noodles and chicken wings. Oh, don’t forget the corn.

We left our crib at 10:30 a.m. the journey should take the most 2 hours but us? We arrived at 2:30 p.m. because the beach was fully packed with people. We arrived first at Sematan but the beach and resorts were packed. We then ran to Siar Beach and Pandan Beach but oh yeah, we’ve got the same results. Santubong? Damai?? Naaayyy…. It’s not real ‘beach’. Don’t feel like real beaches for real people. If you’re looking for staying at the mushy mushy resorts and spa, yeah, go to Damai and Santubong. The adventurous driving experience to Lundu and the togetherness under one roof, under the June’s hot weather.

The funniest thing that happened to us, yeah, I did cook at home and packed the fried noodles to be enjoyed at the beach. Because of the hu-ha thingy and we were running and chasing for the beach here and there, we have actually wasted our lunch time. We gave up and stopped at the Lundu town to have Chicken Rice.

So there we went with some slight changes in our programme. We unpacked and got everything ready. Lit up the fire and grill the corn. Thank God that some of the beach goers have gone home since it’s already passed 3:00 p.m. Hubby grilled the corn, MIL and Gabby swam at the dark blue sea. FIL was just watching them (he doesn’t like to swim and never goes to swim whenever we go picnic) and I watched movie on my bestie – cool Bluey the notebook. Haha. (another made-up name by me).

We stayed there until 5:30 p.m. We wanted to stay until sunset but it would be too late for us to reach Kuching and mosquitoes will come and bite us (wallaa!!) – please don’t simply ignore the dengue thingy. So we packed and I was so relieved that we managed to finish the noodles and fried chicken wings and of course the corn.

Hey, didn’t I tell you that we spread some margarine on the corn before we grilled them? Oh yeah, it’s heavenly sweet! Looking forward to another adventure during the next school holidays! wink

With Love,


Ola! It is now 6:50 a.m., very early for me to wake up since I’m still on a long holiday. I’ll be back rocking the office on 14th June so why did I wake up so early and wasted my time embracing my smelly pillow?

Aaaahhhh…… the aroma of my Indocafe is so intriguing so I have to pause to take a sip, sssrrooooottsss… *relief*. So heavenly.

- A beautiful morning view from my bedroom window (Ordinary daaaay aaay aaayy... - Nice Stupid Playground) Haha!

Hubby and FIL went back to Sri Aman this morning and they left home by 6:00 a.m. That was the reason why did I wake up very early, before 5:00 a.m. I made coffee and boiled the eggs. Then I took out the bread, spreaded some chilli tuna on the slices and arranged them nicely on a plate. By 5:10 a.m. I have poured the coffee into 3 mugs and placed all of the food nicely on the table then I watched Nigella Lawson’s on AFC before sitting down together with hubby and FIL enjoying the breakfast. Soon after they left, I took a cuppa into bedroom. No. I did not continue my sleep but I continued to type this as my blog’s entry.

You know what? I love this kind of life. I always dream that someday I will have my own small business to do, starting to work at 9 a.m. and able to have breakfast together with Gabby and hubby. If possible my works don’t require me to sit in the office all the time. Have time to do groceries, mani and pedi, salon visiting, window shopping, and then off to the gym. Picking up Gabby at school and cooking dinner for family. Sounds so laid back don’t you think so?

- Morning companion. Marco the Mouse and Suharto the Indocafe mug. Don't ask me about their names.

I do a lot of thinking while I’m away from the office. If my capital is enough, why not? I’ve thought of going on an early retirement and become a part-time housewife – businesswoman - blogger. How about that in one go? Hubby and I had experienced the tertiary education together so now is our time preparing our little one with the proper education and guidance.

It’s not that I’m not happy but living on a fast, not a fab lane, excuse me Kimora, is really giving me a bump. I found it’s not easy to please everyone especially when Dad’s gone, I can see that my other family – My mom’s side really needs me not financially but EMOTIONALLY. I know I can’t be with them every weekend since my family here also needs me as well. Oh Daddy, I don’t neglect Mom but please understand my situation now. I am also still grieving but I keep the agony inside. I feel the pain too, and who doesn’t?

I may not be a Superwoman but I know and I believe that some day, somehow I can achieve every target in my life, which is my promise. Till then, wow!! This is the longest ramblings I have written so far but I’m glad I write it honestly from the depths of my heart.

With Love,


Kacang Tumbuk or Kong Th’ng is one of my favourite snacks. I don't know the process to produce this candy (candy? it's sweet what?) but when it is 'tumbuk' means literrally pounded and pressed very very hard right?

Whatever it is, am proud to be a Malaysian because I still remember the moments when we used to get this for free. When? When do you think? When my dad's Chinese colleagues sent an engagement invitation for sure will get this free. But it comes with price so I still remember Dad's would joked around, "another summon ticket comes!" . It's a Chinese custom, we understand. So do with the Ibans, Malays, Bidayuhs etc. Yes, we are living in a harmonious and beautiful vivacious country. It's like everyone is living under the same roof.

By looking at this pictures, I feel like going to the shop again and buy............. *sigh*. (OK people, I finished 2 packets of my stocks yesterday). :p

With Love,


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