This week has been treating me unfair. First, the lagging Streamyx and Celcom Broadband connection that always driving me crazy. I notice the decline in connection quality since the first day of Hari Raya! Pity poor my farms in Farm Town and Farm Ville. My elephant, horses, ducks, cows, sheep, dog, llama, hen and chicks - they are all hungry! :p

Talking about workplace. An office is ain't an office without dirty politics and cheap gossips. The latest gossip is still hot and crispy, spreading in one night. I better not reveal it here, perhaps I will in future but to my friends/colleagues, Shella and Caynie De!! The story gave us all a heart attack kannnn????? Wah wah, nampaknya semua gadis2 sekarang mengikuti jejak langkah Dato' Siti Nurhaliza yang cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang. But, do not collapse in shock as our 'Dato' punya father and brother pun membuka cawangan di merata tempat. His brother lagilah.... artis/pelakon terkenal Malaysia & famous for his character jadi tokoh korporat and Our 'Dato' pun apa kurangnya. For his age, he still looks sexy, charming and handsome gila!! - *imagine, kwang3x.

Now we move to weather news. Lil Gabby slept at our home office last night. I took my last bath at 12:30 a.m., after midnight OK, otherwise I can't sleep. My body itches to death with rashes and sweats. I noticed her sleeping with only her panties on every night. Poor Mama's girl. I can't sleep early at night ever since this crazy global warming getting too far for me. I could only sleep after 3 a.m. and wake ueveryday. p Nevertheless, my sleeping pattern might be disturbed but I still feel normal, which is OK for me, so far. *cross fingers. What is happening to our Mother Earth now? Flood in the Phillipine, Tsunami in Samoa Island, Earthquake in Sumatera, Indonesia, and what next? These disasters then remind me of the new movie - 2012, in your nearby cinema this coming November! *promotion.

Guys, I'm now having a mug of hot Nescafe whilst listening to the pouring rain. So sentimental. I mean, the weather... Eh, where is my Ayam Penyet by the way?


I'd love to bring up this subject and shared here. This particular song is always, always have been my favorite. I'll listen to it for my inspiration my blogging. You can find this song in my handphone and my Mickey Mouse mp3 player too.

For those who know this song, it was very popular in the mid 90's. I miss all the quality R&B songs that lingered on our ears during that era. I'm not telling those kids out there that their songs now are suxxx but the reality is, biting us the older generations painfully. A real pain in our butts.

OK kids, to tell you peeps the truth, during kakak time,

Keith Sweat was like Akon,

Tommy Page was like David Archuleta,

Debbie Gibson was like Britney Spears,

Fauziah Latiff was like Siti Nurhaliza....

Pooja Bhatt was like Priyanka Chopra...

Hahhaha.. the last two, apakah kaitan?? ahhahaha...


It's the sign of aging. To myself, welcome to 30's. *Uhuk.


He's 8 months old now. Everyone in the house knows how much this kitten loves me and always attached to me. He would jump into our car before we leave the house or hangs on my shoulder and kisses me all over my cheek and chin.

The stroller is courtesy from Gabby. She didn't know I used it, I mean, Bujang used it. Look at him.... aaawwwww...

OK Mama, we're ready to go for a walk!

Brother Joey wants to join the ride too!

We went to King Centre yesterday just to follow hubby buying ToTo. We took Bujang along with us and the ride was hillarious!! He didn't scare at all and looking outside the window enthusiastically at the cars. Of course, he attracted some of the drivers who smiled and waved at him.

He's so adorable, isn'the?


22nd September, Gabby's beloved Papa, my beloved husband celebrated his 35th birthday. We knew he didn't want to be celebrated, too childish for him but I told him, this is a tradition in the family and always in so he had to bear with us. Gabby suggested that we made Papa's favourite vanilla cupcakes. OK. So with little help from a ready made cupcake mix, two eggs, milk and corn oil so here are the final products!

Fluffy????? Oh yes, those babies came out pretty. To make them prettier, Gabby and I topped the cakes with chocolate icing and sprinkled with colorful sweet beads!!

Taraaaa!!!!! Hmmfftthh.. . they look uglier but the taste was damn good. Decorated by Mama and Gabby.

By 7:30 p.m. everything was loaded on the dining table including satay and fried noodle. Food fiesta!

Looking at Papa intensely after saying grace. Wishing Papa the best in health, wealth and in his every undertaking. May God guide his way and bless his daily work and not forgetting, be honest to people.

We love you, Papa!


Bullshit. Funny.

That's what happened to my sister tonight. A motorbike hit her car in the middle of a roundabout somewhere nearby Taman Vista Tunku whilst on the way visiting our aunty Rosita at Taman Sukma.

It happened to be the rider's fault, who was at that time, romantically conversing with his girlfriend and didn't aware of my sister's car. Bang!! The pillion and rider 'tergolek tepi jalan'. Pity the girlfriend. She then screamed at my sister and provoking her on her recklessness and bla bla. My sister wanted to settle it according to law but the couple refused. The rider then told her to wait at the scene as he had to go back to get his brother. Good. My sister then replied that he's brother in-law, who is a policeman is coming to the scene. She lied, excuse me. Haha!

We arrived at the scene less than 2 minutes later. I knew it. They assume my sister is a weak lady so they tried to take advantage on her. OK. Now when they saw the two kingkongs us coming, behold, witnesses nearby were willing to cooperate. We waited and waited for more than 30 minutes. One of the witnesses told us to go home because they believed that we were actually tricked by those two monkeys. My sister 'pun satu hal juga'. She didn't check the motorbike's plate number. Finally, everyone came down to one voice, we assumed that the kiddos ran away. When my two uncles arrived, they said the same thing too. Perhaps the boy doesn't own driving licence.

Her car scratched a bit, my parents and little Ashlyn were safe, thank God. but when I think back about the couple, tonight's incident has actually served them right. Cheh! Mau panggil abang konon..... piiiraaaaahh!


"Dalam dingin subuh.... hatiku terusik...." My favourite Hari Raya song, it is. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Malaysia! The smell of Nasi Goreng waking me up at 10 a.m. this morning. OK. Mr. Hubby was showing his love and kindness thru his cooking. I love being pampered like a teddy bear. Gabby as usual, addicted to Facebook, MIL was sitting in the living room watching TV. I felt so lazy. Checking my handphone. No SMS. No calls. Good girl. Had a plate of Nasi Goreng after brushing my teeth. Breakfast on a couch. I love having breakfast in front of TV which is so unhealthy to do. OK. That's it. No lunch for today as we were going to visit Pak Engku's house later at 3 p.m. Yien texted me few hours later and we met up at Starbucks BDC.

Talking about Pak Engku, when I 'bersalam' with him at the door, I sensed a presence of sadness. Oh, my Hari Raya this year is definitely emotional. First, my uncle was no longer with us then my beloved Pak Engku will be transferring back to West Malaysia. This is his last Hari Raya in Kuching after being here for nearly 5 years. OK. Holding back my tears, I said to myself. Big girl doesn't cry as Fergie says so.

Don't ever 'bersalam' like this fellow. Can you see our PM's smile? I can't stand to laugh everytime I see this picture! That's' sniffing PM's hands, not bersalam!

My Gabby was enjoying her meals as usual, tanpa segan silu dan malu-malu! First serving was Laksa Johor which she was totally confused with Spaghetti Bolognaise. "This is not Bolognaise Mama... This is curry..." Hahhahaa!!!! I didn't' want to tell her that it was Laksa Johor so I just simply told her, it's a fusion cooking, Malay style of spaghetti. Second round, she had rice with chicken curry, lemang and Daging Masak Hitam. It's not rugi to take this kid to visit people's house for she's not wasting people effort and appreciating their cooking.

Time to leave. We then went to another friend's house, Rose. The best thing about Rose and her family, they always have this very big and humangous coffee table and have like thousand of cookies on the table! If you manage to taste all of them, I bet you will create your name in the Guiness Record as the most cookies tester, haha. This family surely love cookies and tidbits. Their cakes also fantastic! I tried to recall, hmm... let me see... I think they have 10, ... yes 10 types of cakes!!!! Phewww!!

Tomorrow will be another visit to my aunty Rosita but before that, have to help my parents do ferry some boxes to the new house. Oh yes, my parents are moving to a new house. Congrats Mak, Apai.. eh, is that correct to congrats them? OK lah kan....

Alright readers! It's 3:50 in the morning, the dogs are barking and I need to complete another saga in the Westward, hahahaha.. addicted to PC game.

Till then, adios!


It's 9:00 p.m. and it's the eve or Hari Raya.

I still dunno what to wear tomorrow. It's cool to live in this multi-racial country even though I don't like the hot weather. Hahaha! Though we don't celebrate it, we have our very own way enjoying the festive just like other Muslim friends who celebrate it.

Our Hari Raya tradition is visiting my aunty in Taman Sukma where all the big eaters are ready to sample (katanya...) her fabulous dishes are like Chicken Curry, Ayam Masak Merah, Rendang Daging. Just to name a few of it. Then it will be followed by visits to other houses especially bosses and colleagues houses.

Things were different when I was in Primary School. We would go visiting the whole kampung Muara Tuang and collected duit raya. During that time 50 cents were considered luxury for kids like us. We visited from house to house and sipped glasses of 'aik menet" - small bottled soda, very nice sweet drinks manufactured in Sibu. Nevertheless, the food and cookies served were damn good but who would care that time when you have coins in hands. The money that we collected actually spared to buy 'Ali Baba' keropok where you can get free paper doll that came with nice girly dresses. As for the boys, they will use their duit Raya to 'cabut tiket' or 'main pok' some of them called it - kinda underage gambling, hahahha... You had to pay like 10 cents to pull out the paper and ur prize depends on your ticket number. If you're lucky enough you will get the Grand Prize i.e. a plastic pistol. That's so cool! Hahaahahha...

This is the 2nd Hari Raya without uncle Henry @ Fazley Abdullah. I haven't gone back to Saratok eversince he passed away. It's kinda empty without him. *sad*. Rest in peace uncle. We always love you and you're missed by everyone.

Still, I don't know what to wear for tomorrow.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim bloggers.

Wahhhh our neighbour is celebrating Hari Raya with new makeover! I mean the gate makeover lah....heheheh. Took this picture when I woke up this morning. :D *kepochi*


It's easy to tell.

When there is a heavy downpour today, you can check your broadband connection tomorrow. I dare to bet it will go crazy.

Sometimes I think, dial-up connection would be better, much, much better than this so-called limited broadband technology.

FYI, currently I'm using Streamyx connection and Celcom Broadband at the same time in the office but still the problems occur. It's either lagging or disconnected frequently. What did I get? Ultimate dissatisfaction.

I'm pissed off.


Attended my lovely niece, Sayra-Mae's birthday last Saturday. The party was simple but what can be more merrier than our loud voices , we're just like the Greeks. Haha! Let the pictures speak for themselves.

The birthday cake. I love the idea of that Barbie's car. But won't you think it's better if the bakery put pink icing instead of white?

Home cooked meals by cousin Veni and family. See that fish? I love it hahahha.. Grilled Tilapia, with hot soy sauce.

The sexy girl with long locks, that's the birthday girl but what we can see here, Gabby was actually acting more than the birthday girl.

Gabby and Sayra's mommy, Venitia. See how tall my princess is now? She's 8 years 10 months old. When Gabby sits for her UPSR one day, I guess she stands taller than Mama.

Anyway, Happy Birthday dearest Sayra. We love you so much, grow wiser, grow prettier!


Hmm... I shouldn't tell this but I find it outrageously exciting to share with you guys. The place, time and function, I should keep it as a secret. I know some of my relatives are reading this blog.

I was just arrived, about 3 minutes like that and said hi to everybody. When I entered the house, I heard my aunty said something like this, "Mang nya nama aja kerja spital, nadai meh nemu minta ubat kurus, bla bla bla.." - Mang (my nickname) is working at hospital, doesn't she care to ask for slimming drugs, bla bla bla... It would have sounded nicer and I would have taken it positively but I tell you her intonation was annoying!!

The best part, they were busy with the gossip without realizing that I was actually sitting in the living room, just few metres from them! Then this one unknown lady, quickly pointed her finger to me, a signal for the rest of aunty-aunty gossipers to shut up! Then suddenly, the topic changed and their intonations also change for harsh to sweet! Oh come on! The script then went like, "Nya meh, taja makai mimit, enti isi sigi udah ka nyadi, nang sigi ka nyadi nehhhh..." - KALAU KITA MAKAN SIKIT SEKALIPUN, MAKAN SIKIT PUN BADAN TETAP NAIK and smiled at me. Felt like punching her face! To make it less than brutal that's what she might think but I was in a total hurt and wrecked! Seriously. Damn, I think about God, as what Winston my friend always say, God loves Fat People. I remember Ms. Tikot's entry in her blog about being fat. Inhaled. I smiled back at them.

Initially, I felt like going home straight away but when I thought about my parents and my I'm matured already to face all of these stupid jokes and cynical stuff. How I wish my parents were there.

Betul kata orang, life is always unfair!


It's a cold Friday morning. It's very very cold that I skipped the monthly assembly. Alasan! Haha.. yalor. Kamek nakal. Saya budak nakal. Aku nembiak manchal. So what? *evil*

Boss is in today, thank God he's OK and cheerful, playful as usual. I promise myself to give all out for him since he's leaving us soon. I'm gonna miss u tiny yet powerful, Napoleon Bonaparte! *salute*

Ooo La la! My boss doesn't ride a horse, he's driving a Honda Civic. :p

Favorite packet drink. Less sugar.

... but don't lesser the quantity of your smiles to people out there!

Gabby's favourite. I made these wedges once I came back from the office yesterday. Phewww!


Kawan-kawan semua, what a beautiful day, today kan?? Makcik is not around as she is taking leave today. Hmmm.. I hope the gangsters are ready and equipped with devilish plan. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. Pak Engku was discharged this morning. Belum sempat visit him but not to worry I call him 2-3 times everyday asking about his condition.

Now the rumours are spreading around who's gonna be my new boss. I can accept anyone but please no makcik for me. So many things driving my head crazy this week. The internet connection in the office is one of them. Damn bloody slow. I can't rely on stupid Berokben by Celcom. It has limit actually so please don't purchase them. This so call 'unlimited' Berokben will slow down once you reach 5GB of usage. 5GB of usage is just a like a piece of meat stuck between my teeth.

The sagu sekati finally revealed and given to us. RM500. Hummphh.. As Pak Engku joked with me the morning before he was warded, the bonus money was used to buy submarines. Malulah, Indonesia got their submarine before us, so shameful to be left behind. Buying weapon nowadays just like some bitches competing for the latest fashion trends and who are the trendsetter of the year? In the end it's just fashion. It will revive, again, in 10 years time. Just like weapons, giving the same impact. Fashion War. Bimbos and bitches pride.

I'm still fed-up with home. But.. I can't say anything cos it's already September. Hubby has promised me something that I also so unsure of. Who cares anyway. I just regard home as my transit for sleeping. Office is much better. Who cares. There's no privacy at home, at all for me. Rumahku Hotelku, OK? Oh yes, latest news about home. My big Pantene shampoo was used to bath my MIL's cat. Celaka. What's next? Colgate to brush the dog's teeth? Better shut up, otherwise.....

Ah, malas mok kaka lebih2 tok. Bagus layan gambar. I better shut up. I know Mr. Hubby is a silent reader of this blog. Jangan curi2 baca dan attack orang dari belakang sudah, sundel!

I miss Kolok Mee, when can I have another bowl? *Grin*

:D Cucur Bilis or Pusuk in our local dialect. Cooked by yours truly. Hehe.


Greetings from planet Earth. Miss Coki is still residing here, alive and kicking. Prior to the bad internet connection, both at office and at home, this is just what I could post today. Don't worry sunshine! I am still reading your blogs, especially the blogs that I follow and thanks for some of readers here who already became my blog's follower. Don't worry mates, it's a holy cult to follow mine.

Not really in a good mood these few days. Feeling like launching a real 'Mafia Wars' outside Facebook or Fakebook whatever you wanna call it. With whom? I can't tell but why? Yes, my sincerity and trust has been breached by a person whom I called 'friend' all this while. Will follow up again tomorrow with boring news from office and home. When I'm too good with people, they 'kill' me. When I'm bad with people they would kill me too.

This was what have predicted by Mr. Hubby last time, when the time comes, you will realize that the truth friends are those who stay beside you thru ups and downs. The fake ones will stay around because of what you possess. i.e. MONEY. True friends will keep your secrets and dreams and never tell others as she/he knows that a secret is a secret. When he/she blew it all up, you have the answer. He/She is jealous with you and waiting for the right time to condemn you. I've gone thru it all and going thru it again and again if I don't aware and unprepared.

Now tell me people,

My life is so lame and dull, don't you think so?


Hehehe... this is a must entry. Saja2 mau kasi John Harding meraung kejantanan! So John, are you ready anot? These are my favourite dishes and they are available during this Fasting month. This time, we ambushed the Stutong Baru's Ramadhan Bazaar.

Justify Full
Sugar Cane juice - air tebu kata orang kita bahhh... One packet is RM2.00 so I grabbed 2 packets.

Hmmm..haruslah come with traditional kuih-muih like Kosoi, Kelupis and Ketupat!!! Wahhh, 3K gitu.

Next, I present you with Mr. Kingkong favourites instead of bananas, OK? Vadai or 'Cucor Rodei' as how the local pronounce it here. We have fermented rice or Tapei/Tapai. Not Taipei OK? Hahhaa... And the long kuih wrapped in palm leaf is Kuih Celorot, bukan kemban melorot ok? Kemban melorot is Dewi Persik's specialty, har har har!

Table center piece must have Satays!! These are chicken and lamb satay. Sedap kan??? Say lah sedapppp.. say lahh..

Finally, satay is incomplete without the peanut gravy or Kuah Kacang! The leftover kuah can actually become the Kelupis and Keputat, eh?? Ketupaaaaatt *not again* dip.

No Kingkongs were harmed during dinner. *BURP!!*


Don't get it wrong. I didn't go to Sematan when I was sick. These pictures were taken before I got sick. Haha! On Sunday, a day before Merdeka, we were having breakfast as usual then suddenly, Mr. Kingkong popped out a question, "Eh, who wants to go to Lundu???????". "I want I want I want!" Said everyone then we packed our stuff and checked the engine and go!

Actually we did stop buy to buy drinks-lah, keropok-lah, batteries for camera-lah. Mr. Driver also drove the car on the highest speed - 80 km per hour!! So, what to do, we had to drive safely since it was raining, and chit chat and listening to 99.3 FM Cats Radio which was airing some ridiculously funny titled song like, "Selipar Jipun RM1.50" - RM1.50 sandal , hahahaha..what the &%$ is that song is all about I am still in the post of unsure.

Arrived at the small town of Sematan after 3:30 p.m. Oh yeahhh.. I repeat 3:30 p.m. Pasar Ramadhan were arrayed and everyone was excited after more than 2 hrs journey. We bought sugar cane juice and some local kuihs when suddenly my in-laws saw one stall selling pais!! Pais is actually a method of cooking. They wrap junkies like fish, shrimps, fish eggs, garnished with turmeric leaf with palm leaf or banana leaf then salt to taste and grilled them! Sorry, don't have the picture but I found this picture on the internet.

This is Pais Ikan, what we had that day was big fish egg Pais. Yummyyyy!!

The day was beautiful so I just sat down under a tree and took these two pictures. Spot the difference? :P

Mr. Kingkong at the beach. Mrs. Kingkong didn't mandi, no bikini size for her. :p :p Kidding lah! I enjoyed myself under this tree maaaa.... with notebook, Coke, Pringles. Heaven.

Bumble Bee next to me...

Mr. Bug on my lap.... I feel so attached to the nature. So au natural!

a Kingkong under the tree.,hahahahahah!!

Miss Gabby stroke some poses, adoiyaiiiii....

We bid farewell to the beautiful Sematan beach at 5:30 p.m. and had dinner at Ling Loong Cafe, King Centre before heading home.


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