Hey, received books from my friend, Neeziee. Actually those are old collection that he has in stock, mainly for sale. If you would like to see more of his books, you may visit HERE. Mind to let you know that the books are used and therefore they are sold below RM5.00?? So book lovers, you maybe want to add some of these onto your racks.

Hihihi. I love ol' skool book. They look rugged and some of the stories are very intriguing, too.

Two books only cost me RM7.00, that includes the postage!


"Eh, makanlah dulu, lepas tu baru buat kerja.." - Eh, eat first then you may continue your work... Boss commented when he saw my untouched palate of Fried Beehoon, still covered with tissue.

I had enough for too much today. From applying my mascara and lip gloss while tossing with the minutes for him to bring to the Morning's Prayer, my duty was officially stopped at 6:00 p.m., 5 minutes before my husband arrived to fetch me.

Another surprise for the day for me when Jen brought my classmate, Roseta Anne to my room. She is currently located on temporary basis at the Management. Welcome to our department girl, I hope you will enjoy working here. The tasks might be hectic but you will never realize the advantages that you will earn especially for your family.

By the way, my SIL and I are going to represent our department on April 15, for the 'Secretary's Day' at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. Hopefully, we will gain some positive feedback from the paperworks presentation.

Pray for us for we will bring you guys good news!!


The position of the office professional has greatly developed as technology continues to be relied upon in most offices throughout the country. A wide range of duties that were once given to managerial and professional staff are now delegated to secretaries and administrative assistants due to office automation and organizational restructuring. Currently several secretaries and administrative assistants train and inform new staff, perform Internet research, and use and troubleshoot the latest technology in offices. In spite of these recent changes, their usual and fundamental responsibilities have stayed constant—conducting and organizing an office’s administrative duties and events, as well as receiving and handling information for distribution to staff and clients.

Secretaries’ and administrative assistants’ responsibilities include various administrative and clerical duties needed to run a company efficiently and smoothly. Some duties include: serving as an office information manager, arranging and scheduling meetings or appointments, organizing and preserving paper and computer files, managing projects, handling travel arrangements, performing research, and distributing information through the use of telephones, mail, and e-mail.

Many machines—facsimile machines, photocopiers, and telephone systems—are used by secretaries and administrative assistants to aid them in these tasks. Additionally, secretaries and administrative assistants work on personal computers to develop spreadsheets; write correspondence; supervise databases; and produce presentations, reports, and documents as they use desktop publishing software and computer graphics. All of these tasks were previously performed by managers and professionals. Concurrently, these other office workers have taken the responsibility for several tasks traditionally left to secretaries and administrative assistants, such as typing and answering phones. Secretaries and administrative assistants have the time to help out members of the executive staff, now that they aren't usually required to dictate and type. In numerous companies, secretaries and administrative assistants work cooperatively with each other in order to work be flexible and helpful to one another.

Then why are us, being given and highly regarded by our organisation. But still, they are some bad perceptions about us. Does a secretary carry slutty image all the times?

Whenever I google for secretary's images, most of pictures like above will pop out!!!

Come on larrr.. not all of us like that.


I missed Gabby this morning because she slept at my SIL's house last night. When we woke up, I dashed to kitchen to brew coffee, hubby helped me to cook Fried Rice. That's what we had for breakkie.

After the heavy breakkie, we watched TV for a while then I tidied up our bedroom and surfed the internet for a while. When the clock strucked at 11:30 a.m., I started to prepare stuff for lunchie. Well, I cooked Chicken Curry and Tenggiri Kicap, walauwehhhh... we ran out of turmeric powder so my fish was somehow less in tastes. Never mind, however, it finally lasted till the last drop!!

... Later in the evening, I made Cucur Bilis and Jemput Jemput Pisang!!
Ohh.. a bit 'too' browning, sweet stuff can easily get burned.

Cucur bilis. Our family's favourite.

Dinnertime. Just heated up the leftovers for I must get ready for my sauna session. This time I didn't use the usual packeted herbals. I used my perfume oil, instead. Hhhhmmmm.... I smell romantic!!

... Have to go to sleep now, my 'sleeping partner' is awaiting me, luckily the sauna left the sexy jasmine scent lingers on my skin.. This really heating up the romantic mood.... I can't wait on the bed!!

... Yes.. meet my 7 months old kitty, Miss Louie. She sleeps with me, next to my pillow every night. Isn't she a beauty?

Hubby? You thought that I'm talking bout him? Well, he's downstairs watching the Anugerah Bintang Popular. Haha!!


GIF animations generator

My tubby hubby and Jen's hubby had promised to play golf today. Actually we set the boys to meet since that we had nothing to do at home. We spent our time from 2:30 p.m. till 5:00 p.m. there and while watching the guys playing, we took these silly pictures! Haha!!

.... photos of Jen and her beloved hubby.

Later in the evening, we visited my parents and my mom served this kuih!! It's made from glutinous flour and palm sugar, cooked in bamboo like lemang! It tastes like Kuih Celorot, that makes it so uniquely delicious!

Mom also served BBQ meat, chicken wings and Butter Cake, thanks Mom and Dad, we love you!!

**Note: We missed to see the 13 AF6 students performing tonight. Fortunately we saw the results announcement and the moment when Stanly and one of the boys fell on the stage while dancing Menuju Puncak, so funny!!


Ahhh... it's has been a very busy busy again, another week for me. I had MC for two days on Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday, the workloads were so handful.

.... Despite the workloads, still manage to maintain the calmness. Have a wonderful weekends readers!!


One fine evening....

Eh eh.. careful ahhhh.. mato anang nyual ke bukai uuuu...

.. an Iban man, enjoying American-Thai Woods swinging his club...

Special treat for his chubby wife!

What the????!!!!


Hihihihih.. just came back from Mae's birthday party at Monster Tongue, Padungan. (The wooden building, attached to Sarawak Plaza, next to KFC). Thanks to 100 Plus for saving my big appetite, as usual, and thanks to Mae and Loli for the invitation and for inviting my Roy for me... without him the function would be so lame. Haha!! kan??kan??kan??

According to the invitation it should have started by 7:00 p.m. but you know-lah, Janji Malaysians, not Janji Jepun. The delay has given us chance to search for Mae's gift, Haha! .. and yet, still nobody turned up. Ayoyo! What's going on? Well, to calm down the impatientness, hubby treated me with some Chocolate Chips Cookies and Almond Mocha Latte at The Coffee Beans. Yum.

The monkeys and the crooks arrived shortly after.. I screamed to see Roy and Kevin were there, yes! yes! yes! This will be our night together... behold! "Everybody line up,The show is about to start ,Places, the show is about to start ,You have to show a look, have a look, or give a look ,Faces, beautiful , NO ONE UGLY ALLOWED.... ahahahhahahaahah...." - Fashionista's Lyrics

The starving animals are barking and screaming for food!!

The preview of the first round. **Drum rolls please?

"Hmm.. nyap.. bruukk brukk.. chapp chappss.. nyappp.. hmmmfft... "
Hahahahah!! Read and pronounce carefully, it doesn't sound obscene but piggish. Sound effect of the hungry barbarians, munching their meats.

We did not only give Mae a box of secret gift but the other band members' got to see the 3rd CD Demo being framed by hubby. Like platinum award or something huh?

The rest hours of the night were filled with smoke from the ciggies, sounds of Pool balls hitting each other, nice evergreen music and not forgetting me and Roy's signature vampire-sound-alike laughs!


Auuuwwwww.... I look soaked in face oil and my Garfield's eyes to proof that I have high fever today. Went to Lu's Medical Clinic at Sekama and again, Dr. Lu told me it's toncilitis. He advised me to remove it, but I was scared. He told me it's just a minor operation, but thinking of the surgical knife penetrating my mouth and throat is a NO-NO for me. Tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils, the fleshy clusters of tissue on both sides of the back of the throat that fight off germs that enter the body through the mouth. The tonsils become enlarged and red, and can be coated with a yellow, gray, or white substance. Remember that I had gone for 2-days MC in January for the same reason?? However, I'm so lucky that I'm taken care of nicely. Hubby made me some meat porridge and bought few cans of H2O. I am now feeling slightly better even though I have nausea.

Took this picture while I was having my 4th can! I need to go for resting now... I am sleepy.


Had 3rd day of blocked snort and boss given me some Clarinase to clear my nostrils before he went to Damai Puri. "Eat one per day, if you eat more than that, you're gonna run out of saliva and mucus!" Errk.. I don't want to get dehydrated, too.

Some have been eaten by 'orang rumah'.

Surprised by my BIL who just came back from travelling yesterday. He gave us some strawberries, *sourly but reddisly sexy! At two of them and how did I eat that? I dipped into some granulated sugar,.. nice.

Aaaaaaahhhh... my evasive tooth pops out!

It is obviously that my act has been disapproved by my old cat, Tsar Vladimir Putin or 'Aki Poo' according to Gabby!! Mind his wound on his left shoulder, the Tsar just had a cat fight with Chiming the Siamese Playboy Cat!!

My condition gotten worst later in the evening, I shivered and my nose got runny. Sniffs.. sniffs.. I'm really in a bad sickening mood. Had some Yam Kuih but I almost vomited out. I guess it is the signal of upcoming PMS. Before my period, I am prone to get sick. I wish I could clear my job tomorrow and pass everything to our instructed driver, who will bring all the documents to Damai Puri, for boss to sign. I miss boss, I miss 2nd boss and 3rd boss too.... I mean the workloads!

OK dearest readers, I need to rest, my daughter is babbling behind me, commenting that I couldn't stop working, even when at home!

Sniffss. sniffss.. Achooom!

G'nite mates!


Morning, just arrived at office today after a week hibernating at home. The desktop condition is still in wacko. It gave me a slight headache the moment I saw it but what to do then I'm the reason to exist, to clear up the mess. It's my mission today. He he..

Behold the mess.. I love challenges!

A special lunch treat for hardworking girl. Clap! Clap! A bowl of Mee Jawa, piping hot from the hospital canteen to the borrowed porcelain plate. 2 in 1 Nescafe the sidekick! Feel the indulgences....Slurrppss..sstt sssttt !!!!.. *slurping's sound effect

.... later in the evening. I was able to settle 40% of the work, not productive enough. My mind was wandering around, to Damai Puri thinking about my boss and workloads, to home for thinking of Gabby's dinner, should I buy to replenish the stock afterwards?... Haiyaaah.. what a 1001 thinkings!

Lighter head.. YES!!


This morning everything was in rush. From searching the 'right' attire for Gabby to wear to church to quarrelling with hubby. I hate involving in monstrous fight especially when we are going to cleanse our hungry and sinful soul. LOL

We arrived slightly around 6:15 a.m. and the church's compound was fully packed. Managed to 'squeeze' our car in between so there we went, sitting on plastic chairs outside while waiting for the Bishop to enter, when suddenly I felt my skirt loosened by itself, bit by bit!

OK, that's it! I ruined the zipper. Yes. My blouse was quite short I had to pull it down to cover my bump and walked slowly to the car. What a mess! Is God punishing my short temper this morning? God please forgive me, I didn't mean to act that way, I was in rush...

So that's it. My girl, my hubby and his father in the church for their Easter's mass and I slept in the car, and texted Pat Asiana while she laughed at me at home! I tried to pull up the zipper but I was unable to do so, it was stuck or maybe the zipper's broken. Luckily this morning the weather was quite cooperative and I only woke up when my FIL knocked the car's window. Hubby checked my skirt, and victory! The zipper was only stuck down there (the skirt is getting tighter..actually. Ahem!). He helped me by pulling it up, the next thing on agenda we headed to King Centre for our breakfast but I still felt bad. :( As if the zipper was playing some funny Easter's joke on me!!

Nothing special happened today, but I continued to making up more mess...

Girl's announcement card..

General mini card.. for any occasion or simple notes.

Later in the evening, I met up with Pat Asiana, to pick up my train case. It was a less than 5 minutes meeting, under the pouring rain and not a big 'makan-makan' discreet-clandestine-incognito gathering nonetheless. Told her sorry because I had to rush back home , my MIL was busy clearing the backyard and it was my duty to fry some 'Nasi Goreng Cina' for dinner tonight.

Gosh... I catch cold, since yesterday..... :(

Me and my big make up soft Train Case!!


Yeah Babeeeeeeyyyy!!

Trapped in long holiday's boredom, hubby took me and Gabby out for joyride fun today. First destination, of course, upon Gabby's request we went to 3rd Mile, KFC for brunch!!

(Sorry, the coleslaw was too dry, not moisty as usual..)

Tummy full, check! Now we have to go for extra mile for calories burning. So we went to Hock Lee Centre to buy books and magazine. We also bought some crafts stuff, will tell you what we wanted to do later..

(Gabby in blue shirt, concentrating on her steering)

Lunch, check. Story books, magazine, check! Arcade musement, check! It's time to go home but I wanted to meet up Pat Asiana for my train case. Hubby had to do other important things so we postponed the meet tomorrow.

Once arrived at home, I started to repolish my craft skills and in the end, I came up with my handmade card. Cute anot?

Sorry for the trial's imperfection but I believe that practice make perfect. Just wait for my other arts to come up.

Eh, have to run downstairs lar, AF6 will be aired in a few minutes times!!


Do you love to spend time for hours in front of computer like me?? For some people this habit is such a waste of time. Why not we reverse their perceptions and start to gain profit by blogging? has the answer for you. Think creative, think literally subjective and you will earn some cash, to cover some of your expenses, has the engine being warmed up now?

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Woke up as early as 5:00 a.m. and got prepared to go to church. We arrived shortly before 6:00 a.m. and as usual, my eyes were bloody heavy. We did 'steal' to nap a few minutes before the mass started.

On the way home we dropped by at Chilli Peppers to buy Roti Canai f0r Gabby and my MIL. We were fasting so at 1:00 p.m. had to cook for 3:00 p.m. fast breaking. While waiting for the moment to cook, hubby took a nap and me? Well, I took a big mug of black coffee upstairs and started to check my email. I didn't feel that sleepiness so much eventhough I slept for only about 4 hours last night.

(another 'curi' picture at church..)

Watched the VCD -Sundel Bolong while waiting for my chicken curry to cook and by 3:00 p.m. we had lunch together. Gabby and Easter had eaten before us. Today is quite calm and serene, hubby went to see his friends at night and I buried myself in my room, facing my PC.

Oh ya, while chit-chatting with my SIL, I heard something smashed upstairs and it was very obvious the two girls were playing inside my bedroom. I almost screamed at them to see my Garfield's coin bank scattered on the floor. Pity SIL, she helped me to clear the mess.

It was revealed later, Little Easter was trying to climb my dressing table to grab it but unfortunately, it slipped. Useless to be mad, honestly. I made her cry during the day because she refused to eat till she vomited and and I didn't want to shed her tears again.

I am sleepy now.... it's getting too late. The intention to go for hi-tea tomorrow at Grand Continental was cancelled by hubby. *Sigh. (He wants to bring Gabby to the arcade tomorrow and buying her some story books). It's up to you to decide, Gabby and Papa, it's up to you...


- My classical image..... can you see me sweating? Yes, I do..hahahhha....

As what I have mentioned in my Cokelat's Blog, I would like to write about the experience I have in short & brief, concerning the interactive course I had attended.

The first day it had already given me a big quake surprise, for only 6 persons attending. Can you believe that?? The best thing happened was, I met Zul, who is always be my sidekick whenever we are attending courses together. He's a P.A. at Kuching Water Board and always looking suavely.

The organiser was Smart Business Forum, a training company from KL and held at Holiday Inn, Kuching. I love the facilitator, Ija for being so sporting and she loved to pinpoint me, well as you know that I'm good in tackling her questions. Thanks to Lord Who make me so bubbly and cheerfully.

Just ignore if you see Melissa's (my sis-in-law) picture appears twice! I didn't capture so much images as I forgot to bring my digital camera. My PDA camera is totally sucks.... go to hell you 2MP camera. LOL.

Everyone has gone out to shop and hanging outside.

I had good food on the first day but the choices were so limited. Then it came to the second day when we were invited to have luncheon by the poolside and facing the beautiful Sarawak's river! The ambiance enhanced my appetite that I got up 4 times to replenish my plates. LOL.

I should stop stressing about the food now. LOL.

During the 2 days, I've learned lot from Puan Ija, who managed to loosen up the situation and created a friendly and interactively. She would scream and laugh hysterically that made me felt fresh, as you know I'm having a problem after 2:00 p.m. , I could easily fall asleep. We did a lot of discussions, talking, presentation, paper works, team working that even the quietest participants would be so bubbly and presenting their works perfectly.

... It was unlucky for them because they could only get the 6 of us, if they announced this course earlier, I am sure that more P.A.s and Secretaries will be able to join. Very cheap I tell you, only RM890 per head but the knowledge you get? Priceless!!

Thanks Puan Ija and her lovely assistant, Azie. See you guys next year!!


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