Cute or not? Hahahaha.. I love that pic, I look exactly like when I was 2 years old. Oh ya!! Gabby asked me to do pudding last week but I didn't entertain her. Come on, I already made her Kueh Lapis and she wanted pudding some more? Hehe! I dropped by at the store yesterday to buy some items to make puddings. This time I want to make Blackmore's Rainbow Pudding. Hubby commented that I should take a rest first because we have just arrived at home and I was still wearing my officewear. I told him to shut up because I'm in a stressful condition today. Workloads are like hell because we are now are lack in manpower. I have to become the clerk, the despatch boy, the typist, a secretary for two bosses and luckily they didn't ask me to wash the loo. So I need therapy, that is cooking! It will surely make me feel happy with pride and joy.

This is how the pudding looks like after being frozen last night.

Yummyy... have some, please. Thank you. :D

Click here for the recipe!