Celebrated the last day of Gawai Dayak today at our office level. It was grand and well-arranged. Congrats to our committee members for working so hard and being so sporting during Ngajat Ranyai. (Sorry I didn't join you guys, hehehe). The guys prepared manok pansuh (chicken cooked in bamboo), the ladies meanwhile, preparing the rice and other edible stuff. I just would like to share some pictures and videos taken during the event. Enjoy!

Meet the MCs for the event. (Haneka and Stephen)

Miring ceremony is being executed. My boss can be seen sitting on most left.


Lemang -
glutinous rice cooked in bamboo; very nice to enjoy with curry, rendang, serunding or masak hitam.

Pucuk ubi -
This is the pounded tapioca leaves cooked with some anchovies, onion and lemon grass. Only young buds used to make this delicacy.

Manok Pansuh-
Chicken cooked in bamboo. Tapioca leaves were used to cover the lid while cooking it to the perfection, means, very tender and juicy!

Beepang -
Anyone? dried rice, mixed with peanuts and pressed and let it to sit. Crunchy...

Kuih Jala @ Penganan Jala -
Made from rice flour and sugar (most of the time, palm sugar is used to get the caramelized brownish crunchy texture). The process to produce it is called, 'bertatak'.


I also recorded these and I hope that you could hear everything despite the scratching sound; it was recorded by using my pda phone.


Today I feel so exhausted. Even Asrul felt it too. We both fell asleep in the office after lunch. LOL. Luckily boss went to attend internal meeting. Can't wait to rush home and cook for hubby. I really miss him. 2 nights without him were like nightmare. FYI, this is not my first time being left by him and every time he leaves me I will have problems with sleeping. It's like loosing my 'bantal busuk' (baby's pillow), and I will wake up once in an hour starting midnight till morning at 4:00 a.m. Basically, since Tuesday I've been sleeping for approximately 3-4 hours per night! Sounds moron and childishly.

FIL and Gabby went to pick him up at the airport and I have cooked 'Ayam Masak Kicap' and sup sayur Chai Sim; his favourites. They reached home before 9 p.m. and it was the best time to savour my prepared dinner. Since that he just came back from business trip, the didn't have time to go shopping but he grabbed a giant strawberry lollipop and a box of Ferrero Rocher for Gabby while for me, nothing is better than sex, upss! a big huge Toblerone chocolate which I guess can last for 7 days of eating. LOL! Just took a bite for desserts after dinner, I helped him to unpack his stuff.

God, I'm so relieved that I can sleep so soundly tonight.


I love taking pictures. I dont' care whatever the thing is, how's the weather like or the how the situation is including this caption showing how daring the teenagers nowadays. When hubby sending Gabby to her class I don't follow him, don't ask me why. LOL. I prefer to sit in the car, overlooking the view outside there. I've been planning since last week to capture these two views, which I would like to bring to parents' attention out there. Picture one is a couple from the nearby convent schools. They meet up here everyday before 7:00 a.m. and after smooching, yes.. smooching a.k.a lips kissing they will separate and go to their own school. This is the reason I have promised myself to drive Gabby to school even until she enters Form 5. Just a step of precaution. I also had a boyfriend when I was in Form 3 but I didn't dare to smooch or go romancing in the public especially when lot of parents parking their cars there. Go and get your own room guys!

The next picture is portraying a bunch of kids hanging out by the roadside. Yeah, this group is the Fast and Furious of SM St. **. Those kiddos are smoking, yeahhh smoking.. indeed it's just opposite their school. This is how the 'Ah Beng' in the making making their debuts. See the blue modified BMW? I was so shocked to see the boy driving his car dangerously while his sister still sitting in the car. The girl I guess is in Primary 2-3 while her brother boasted with the old Beemer with his buddies, I zoomed my Atom O2 to capture them. Hmmm... nowadays kids are giving us headache. You might think that I am a kay-po, that I should mind my own business right? Yeah, to watch my own kid.

I took minute of a meeting today. I didn’t like it since that I was so sleepy this morning and can’t concentrate on the discussion. The rest of the day? Works and works till 5:30 p.m. I cooked chicken curry for dinner tonight. Hubby is coming back tomorrow from his business trip. Yes! Yes!

He also told me that they are going to visit Poland, Germany and Austria in August. I really hate it when hubby isn’t at home as what I have mentioned so many times in my blog; I prefer to stay at our own house. When I am left with my in-laws; I can’t breath. It’s just uncomfortable. I’m missing him, actually, maybe that is the main cause. I have to go to bed now, so exhausted and sleepy. Hubby is coming back tomorrow yea yeah!!

I've got this from my friend, Zizie:

Before marriage:

He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?

He: NO! Don't even think about it.

She: Do you love me?
He: Of course!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: NO! Why you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Yes!
She: Will you hit me?
He: No way! I'm not such kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?

He: Yes.

Now after the marriage you can read it from below to top !!!!



I am not so a Monday girl. I hate Monday very much. It is the day when I can’t focus on my work prior to the weekend relaxing and lazing moment at home. Hubby is going to KL tomorrow so I will do the packing tonight. Works are so-so since Hasrul works with me, I like this boy, he's very fast and efficient. It is only the phone calls driving me crazy. Today's lunch, Jen invited us together with the bosses for a farewell luncheon at the Mango Tree. It's her boss' farewell. I am sorry Jen, I did not mean to provoke the menu, actually the food was OK except for the errrrr…; excuse me, the portion. I did not mind actually, but I hardly tasted the food in the proper manner as this stupid oxymoron man making fun of me in front of my friends. I don't like the way he commented me which I found; an insultation and humiliation.

I remembered the Jen cursed him once for calling her ‘orang putih’. Served u right buddy! I just ignored him because of two reasons; he is retiring soon and taking away the stupid story with him; and secondly, he has lame cheap old jokes that make him running out of idea. For fellow readers information, he was mocking me and hubby for riding a motorbike when I was in the early year of employment with my current department. That was in the year 2001, 6 years ago. Yep, we went to the office by using a Honda’s motorbike, so now does everyone satisfied enough by my story? I will make it clearer. We’ve got married soon after completing our studies and we have just started our life as husband and wife together. We were collecting some $$ for a goddamn shit car which we finally bought after giving birth to Gabby. I was so proud with myself, that I bought the car with the money from my sweats juice. I squeezed it myself, ok? I didn’t think that he has got his own car during his first year working 30 years ago, didn’t you uncle? I have more than 20 years to come and serving this country and we’re working hard to proof to everyone that we’re not the kind of children who depend on parents’ money to success in life. We prefer to keep it as low as we can, and not to reveal our identities, OK?

Time will unleash us. So keep it up to yourself, at least I didn’t buy my car by using the money given by the contractors, being spoon-fed and bribed by them. I guess, when you're using public transportation or pooling car with your friends it will upgrade your status then using your own motorbike. Oh, that is how your status is measured. Beautiful. This guy and his associates (some of them had already retired and fu** their wives and mistresses at home and these creatures were born as Men, what a shame to have mouth poisonous than a rattlesnake or some bitches) really can boast with their what so called rides after they joined the procurement & development section, which I call with a name, ‘the Gold Mine’. I am not that stupid, uncle. And some more my qualification is much better than your lousy MCE or maybe last time you entered this department with your ancient LCE? Hahahahha….!! See yourself at the mirror Mr. Ok? This uncle doesn’t only scatter my brain but also some of the ‘weaker’ staff in the office, I might look weak but I prefer to remain calm as I hate to stir some feuds which will dismay others and bring down my level to childishness. I’m fine with you and your bloody hell jokes. And thanks to Yan and Neka for giving him a very ‘what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about-and-sorry-we-are-not-
look at him. LOL.

Case closed. Dropped by at Guardian to buy my facial cleanser and facial cotton. I steamed a couple of Kerapu (Garoupa) fish tonight. Let me show you how to steam it Coki’s style.

First we need a couple of clean Garoupas.

Rub to season the fishes with a pinch of tamarind, salt and MSG as you like. I put in some 'asam keping' too. You may add some fish sauce or soy sauce for extra flavour.

Finally, sprinkle some chop shallots, garlic, finely sliced ginger and chopped chillies. Before steaming, pour 2 tablespoon of cooking oil or better, some sesame oil. Steam for 1/2 an hour and voila!!

*Sorry, for the F word… I need to curse; sometimes.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Wah, kayaknya ini hari aye lagi sedih ... laki aye udah ke luar kota, udah ke KL. Rencananye cuman 2 malem koq. (gile ape?) Sempet2nya aye ngantarin doi sampe pintu aje. Duhh.. lagi kangen nih. Nah, di radio tuch belakangan nich sering2 maenin lagunya Kerispatih - Mengenangmu. Duhh jadi ngenengin terus nich. Sebel, kangen, pilu, .... Okey buat kalian yang saat ini lagi ngenengin lagi ngangenin sama orang-orang tersayang makanya aye ngasih ini lagu biar sendu terusssss.. Hiks!

Artist : Keris Patih
Title : Mengenangmu

Tak kan pernah habis
Bila ku ingat
Tentang dirimu

Mungkin hanya
Kau yang tahu
Mengapa sampai saat ini
Ku masih sendiri

Adakah di sana
Kau rindu padaku
Meski kita kini ada
Di dunia berbeda

Bila masih mungkin
Waktu kuputar
Kan kutunggu

Chorus :
Biarlah ku simpan
Sampai nanti aku
Kan ada di sana
Tenanglah dirimu

Dalam kedamaian
Ingatlah cintaku
Kau tak terlihat lagi
Namun cintamu abadi


I miss hubby. He’s in KL with his associates attending some briefings on medical products. Will be back on Thursday’s night. He called me up in the evening just to sway me with his envying story – having Nasi Kandar! Uh Babeh, emang doyan ngebikin Nyak cemburu mulu nieh…hiks! Went to see his friend, Mark to pass him his orders; Burberry Weekend, Sensi and Lancome Attraction. Later on Gabby and I had our dinner at Chillipeppers. Tonight we had Kung Pao Chicken with rice and Gabby had her Chicken Platter. I start to eat dinner, again. I wish hubby is here with us; he told me that he’s got jealous to hear me and Gabby spending our time together. Watched ‘Hikmah 3’ before going to sleep and made Gabby a mug of hot Milo. Earlier today, we had our last Gawai Celebration's meeting.

Jen didn't manage to get caterer so Rowland treated us to Kaya & Toast. I had Nasi Lemak with soft boiled eggs and not forgetting my favourite, Milo Dinosour.. Aaarrggghhhhhh!!! Workpiles were like hell today. I didn't stop for lunch break but carry on continuing my works. Today, I feel so exhausted I don’t know why. Maybe because of the workloads or too much hectic hee-hee and haa-haa during the Gawai’s meeting? I tell you our meeting was like a bunch of Iban voting for a 'Tuai Rumah' (house leader) . It was noisy yet fun. I've captured it in a form of video. The loudest voice standing next to me is Stephen, a loud speaker in real life!

Heeehhehe see told ya!


I found these pictures inside my PC. I just wanna make you guys salivate till dry Hahahahhahahah!! (From top: Nasi Beriyani @ Restoran Bawang Merah, Beef Burger with Fries @ Chillipeppers, Kolok Mee Special @ Prosperous Cafe & finally Hartz Chicken Buffet specialties. These are my favorites on the list!


Hmmm.. I dunno. I’d rather stay at home today. Went out for a while in the morning to do some bank-in (online shopping) and also buying Kolok Mee for breakfast. The rest of the day, I spent in my room with PC. Sent some bananas to my old man and rushed home to cook dinner in the evening. What a lame weekend. (“,)


Eh? I don’t have mood to go outing today. Weird, very weird indeed. I woke up at 8:00 a.m. (I broke my own record today for waking up early in the weekend!). The first thing I did was, washing the laundry then prepared some rice porridge for Gabby and cooked Maggi Mee for myself. Once I have done the laundry and hung them, I cleared the kitchen and folded the yesterday laundry. Then I took bath. Hubby came home around 10:00 a.m. I started to prepare lunch after that. We had lunch before 1:00 p.m. which is, another record broken, again. I spent my day today by watching tv and playing PC games. I also took a long nap from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Phieeewww… hubby requested something special for dinner so I prepared some stir-fry veges and Ikan Masak Kicap. For Gabby, I just fried chicken breast for her.

After dinner, I watched tv again, this time I watch the Mistress of Spices at Star Movie Channel and darn…. Aishwarya Rai’s eyes are so amazing!! But it kind of weird when she’s paired with Dylan McDermott which I find, a less handsome. Hahhahahah.. I prefer if they paired her with let say.. Collin Farrell? Or.. Viggo Mortenssen?Hahaahahah.. stupid suggestions. Hubby watched 3 Diva’s concert and I spent my time again in front of PC till now. I have completed my ‘homework’ and will print out in the office on Monday. I hope that my Honorary Consultant agreements will come to my boss satisfaction. Ok, time to sleep now. Nite-nite readers, mwaaaacckss!!


God listened to my voice. He sent Hasrul to help me with my work piles. Damn! Last week I was tortured enough with my Fail Meja. So yesterday, I clear up my old CDs inside the cabinet then I found out the old File Meja which I have saved last year! Shit… my old copy is much more much much better than the current one I am having now. Such a stupid.. I am. I am glad one thing passed; the other matter that is bothering me now is the Honorary Consultants agreements. Gosh, I have around 5-6 doctors awaiting their agreements done. Uuugghh.. I brought back home the agreements to do. Perhaps, next Monday I can just print out and let my boss takes action on those. I am so lucky to have Hasrul with me, which means I can concentrate more on my undone matters before Dr. Lee coming back from her 7-months leave. Haiyaaa.. She will call me ‘naughty girl’ for sure if she found out that I haven’t completed my tasks which were given by her in December last year.

Today, everything was under control except for some files, which have not been updated by Suri. Goodness gracious God. I even lost my next week’s minutes of meeting for Morning Prayer. Shit!! I asked her to file it away but what happened to my minutes?? I must get a copy either from Yianti, Haneka or Jen… I hate to bother my friends. I have so many plans on my mind to upgrade the filing system, which has turned upside down. There are so many empty cabinets available but why must all the subject files being dumped and squeezed inside one cabinet? Dr. Lee will surely kill me if she knew this. This is what my hubby always tells me in the past, u can be friendly with your side-kick but with some limitations. If I listened to him, this kind of thing would never happen. We leave the stories now. I guess it will make you sick and want to puke.

Visited my parents just now and we had dinner together. I bought them Char Sio Pau hihihhi… (Food again.). We headed home around 11:30 p.m.; Gabby went to sleep once we arrived at home. Hubby also landed on the bed shortly after her. I continued my unfinished battle at my PC then blogging. I miss to blog. Lot of stories to tell, but limited time to type. Ok then, I am sleepy now. Still feel tired from the long, hectic week. See ya’ll tomorrow. Ciao!


Everyone was like crazy taking picture of this phenomenon. It was not related to Summer 's Solstice as what we have predicted initially and I didn't even care because the sighting was superb! We were told to go out of the office by some colleagues and I wondered why.

Once I arrived downstairs I saw Jen was clicking her handphone and when looked up, Holy Christ!! It was huge rainbow circling the sun.Gorgeous!!

I took a few snap of images and I took also some pictures of exciting staff mesmerizing the beauty creation. Sister Yanny told me it's The Eye of God.. oh yeah, God is watching all of naughty monkeys down there taking pictures. LOL :p I can't stand the heat so I went back to my room to have my lunch after that. This article was taken from the Borneo Post Online, dated June 23.


Bad moon rising after rare rainbow show?
By Lim How Pim and Zora Chan

KUCHING: It is a bad omen.

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW: This atmospheric phenomenon occurred near mid-day in Kuching yesterday, causing many people to look skyward at the shimmering halo. –Photo by Jeffery Mostapa
That was what a local geomancer had to said about a rainbow-like ring around the sun seen by thousands of people here near mid-day yesterday.

Many people rushed out of their offices and shops to look at the awe-inspiring halo with some drivers even stopping their vehicles to observe or record the phenomenon with their mobile phones.

Fengshui master Alan Kou described the rare celestial sighting as “the Sun carrying an umbrella,” saying it was a sign of something bad.

He predicted that the weather would become erratic and the rainy season would last longer.

“It will rain and rain. In my opinion, it is not a good sign.”

JUST A RAINBOW: This atmospheric phenomenon occurred near mid-day in Kuching yesterday, causing many people to look at the sky in awe. Photo by Georgette Tan

Kou feared there would be more social problems and the slow economy would continue.”In general, society might be facing a hard time ahead and many problems will arise.”

He said he had come across and studied such a phenomenon many years ago, adding that it was uncommon and portended a time of ill winds.

However, Sarawak Astronomical Society vice president Jacob Sebastian explained that there was nothing supernatural about the natural occurrence.

The rainbow did not surround the sun although it looked like it did, he said.

“The rainbow formed quite low in the sky and within the atmosphere, and therefore is known as an atmospheric phenomenon. It also has nothing to do with the Summer Solstice which incidentally starts today.”

Sebastian conceded that it was uncommon to see a full-ring rainbow because rainbows normally occurred either in the early morning or late evening, thus the people could only see part of the ring.

He said a rainbow normally formed opposite the sun when it rained.

“A full-ring rainbow only occurs when the conditions are right - not too hot, not too cloudy, and there are particles of water or ice in the sky. The rainbow is reflection by these particles.”

He said it was normal for people in the olden days to believe that such rare atmospheric phenomenon was something supernatural or would bring positive or negative repercussions.

However, he said, with today’s scientific knowledge in science, the full ring round the sun was just a rainbow.

Elder generations comment that this umbrella like rainbow means someone big is passing away, I mean, dying. Big persons like the Royals or country's leaders. Whatever it was, I didn't mind because I know He is great, and He is Cool!! Allelujah!!


Yep, you can say it again. My lovely chubby little angel is taking part in the Kumang Gawai Contest this year. For the very first time, I was the most nervous mother on earth. I have never experienced such excitement if compared to others. We just wanted to have fun but some were like putting their best for what I think just a school level competition but I was wrong. I saw a few contestants brought specially their own make-up artists. Holy cow.. I was so surprised! There was one girl, from primary 3 class I guess, had a lady-boy make-up artiste who carried a big makeup case. And I also saw one girl from primary one ‘imported’ her grandma from kampung to do her ‘sanggul’ (hair bun) and was properly dressed (with all complete sets, I mean it, every part of it). Pheewww.. for some reasons it did look like a Dewi Remaja, or Miss Sarawak, or Miss Fair & Lovely Pageant. My girl didn’t have a complete set of Iban’s ‘ngepan’ but I was so proud that she was selected to enter the final round, out of 24 Iban girls, only 10 were selected. She received the most loud cries and cheers from the audience and I was so surprised when I was convoying her to the hall, the girls from Primary 5 & 6 were calling her name like crazy!! Later in the afternoon, my hubby’s cousin told us that our girl is one of the popular girls in school, they even call her the ‘Eurasian Girl’. Yieeeewwww…

According to the Head Master, this year’s celebration was the best they have ever had so far. Parents were invited to join the blowpipe ‘sumpit’ contest, dressing up ‘ngepan’ contest and the kids were also enjoying themselves for having some games. Later on before the final round, all of us were invited to ‘ngabang’ or do class visiting because all classes were having parties (open house)! Yeah, I love food. Hahahha!! 11:30 a.m., all the girls were called to the stage. Gabby was one of the finalists. Yeehaaaa…. I was so touched that even though she didn’t have a proper anklet, ‘selampai’ (scarf), ‘buah pauh’ (the metal balls) and the big Iban’s belt, she’s still in, man. Maybe you wonder why didn’t we just borrow or rent from others who have it. For your information, ‘ngepan’ is something we inherit not buy and possess. The set that Gabby was wearing today was inherited from her grandmother and great-grandmother. It is ‘sacred’ that if one family has 5 daughters, parents must buy one set each which is quite costly. I heard from my MIL that a whole set would cost you RM500.00 onwards.

I was so proud to see her on stage, acting like traditional model, smiling to the judges and audience despite her plump cutting. When it comes to traditional costumes contest, your look won’t help much. I was almost crying when she was selected among best 10!! Go mama's girl go go go!! But if I measured back the hand applauses and the cries from the audience she would have won! (Maybe can request for some SMS votes next year eh? LOL). Gabby’s cousin, Stacey won the second place. She’s good, she’s the school dancer and she’s 12. It made so much different if compared to my girl who is only 6 years 7 months. Gabby was frustrated that she even told me “ Mama, I did not win”… but we consoled her by buying her favourite KFC meals. Hihiiihih…

After that, we dropped her at home and we went to RHB Bank to cancel my credit cards, 4 of them ok? But I have never activated not even a single card. After that settled the car’s installment before heading to Jalan Padungan to have our Nasi Briyani Ayam. The time was showing 3:15 p.m. and were starving man, we didn’t have breakfast and we were stuck at the school until 1:00 p.m. The lunch was superb and it worth a plate of RM4.50 compared to the other places. I really love Briyani. Hmmm…

My poor Gabby. She did not win. But her appearance had intrigued other parents’ heart. They kept on pinching her cheeks and arms whenever she passed by. Never mind sweetheart, there are 5 more years to go and Mama will train you personally. Her Papa will try his best to get your costumes completed and you will be back again to the stage in 2008.

Some of pictures taken during the day:

The moment when Finalist 10 was announced.

Whatcha looking at baby?


With Mama, her best friend at home.

.... and with Papa.

... arrrhhh.. it's so hot outside here..


I forgot about the meeting for Gawai Dayak’s Party today. Luckily, Jen called me up and asking whether I’m attending or not. I said it’s ok since that I have to meet up En. Ajis regarding the aid for Suri’s replacement. We were the first attendees entering the meeting room then followed by few others.

Mr. A chairing the meeting.

Unfortunately, less than 20 people turned up. The meeting was held let say, for 1 hour and half. I joined them for morning break and I took only 2 curry puffs with 1 piece of fried chicken. Some of them even ‘tapau’ back the dishes since Jen had ordered for 50 pax. I didn’t have much because I had breakfast with hubby and furthermore, I bring my own lunch today – fried chicken, again as well.

Some of boring faces in the meeting.

When there is a meeting, there must be food on the table. Check this out!

Workloads as usual, I took everything lightly. I guessed I was trying to play safe, as my aid will come tomorrow. Hip hip hooreyy!! After dinner; we put the traditional costumes on Gabby as the day after tomorrow she will compete in the beauty contest. Just to do some final check ups so that tomorrow night everyone will get to sleep earlier. After 40 minutes of shouting and shrieking, Gabby was done! The only thing that we worry so much is the skirt (pua kumbu), we are so afraid the skirt will loosen and plop down while she’s on stage. What a humiliation haaaahha.. but hubby will ensure that such thing won’t happen. Hopefully. Gotta go now, *hwaaaaaaarrrff…..so exhausted today.


I would like to wish Happy Father’s Day to Dumbo (my father) ,Komeng (my father-in-law) and Shrek (hubby). Hhahahahah!! I hate to sound sinical but whatta do, those are their nicknames. I wish them all the best in their lives and may the good lucks are with them always. Mmuuaahhsss!! Today I woke up late as usual. Took my bath and headed to King Centre for breakfast. Yeahhh.. it’s a brunch if according to the time. Hehehhe… went to Ai Lee to buy Princess’ pearl earring to match my necklace and some color papers for my Fail Meja’s cover. Precious! After that we went home and I rushed to cook lunch for my family. It took me less than 40 minutes to cook rice and at the same time, to fry sausages and fish and reheated the leftover food last night. Sweet.

After lunch, I did my manicure, this time I just did a French Manicure style by the help of hubby. He did my right fingers actually because I’m not a left-handed person like Gabby. We had some ‘keropok ikan’ for tea time, then I cooked black pepper meat. Hubby went out for his jamming session with the band and I watched the predicted results programme, Gangstarz which has come to an end. I knew it The Lima will win and during the final live show, I jumped from TV3 to HBO to watch ‘Nanny McPhee’ and E! Channel to watch Charlize Theron. Wished that we have 3 tv sets in front me. LOL. My weekend sounds so boring huh? Yup, it does but I am glad that tomorrow I will be working in stressful condition and yet I’m in despair. Please help to send some help, hope that I can tell boss about this. And I missed my evening mass today, I overslept, man. I hate it.. I hate this. I hate to skip attending mass actually. I have to be prepared for tomorrow so take care everyone. Ta ta!!

My cute fingers... envy me?


Sorry for the vulgarity title. I love my job, actually. But if the Human Resource refused to send me aid within this week, that’s it! I have to claim my overtime. I mean it! *Arrrr... I didn’t feel happy for last weekend for many reasons. I think the 2 days were too short for me to cover up everything. I even went to sleep at 2:00 a.m. on Friday to compile my ‘Fail Meja’, therefore I woke up at 11:00 a.m. the next day. Lunch, we had Chicken Curry cooked by my MIL. Taste weirdly. You will wonder why. For your information, we had a hen given by my SIL but my FIL had to slaughter her last Tuesday and it made me feel so sad. I even named the hen, Henna. Sounds sweet right? Because of Henna’s killing, I didn’t have appetite to eat at home. I had dinner at coffee shop every day. Even the when I had curry chicken earlier on it felt like chewing some rubber. Tasteless. I hate it. I am quite an emotional person. I love pets and animals. :p.

After lunch, went to pet shop to buy food for our cats, dog and Tomi, hubby’s Guinea Pig. After that we went to Wisma Saberkas to do some shopping, I felt awkward too. I cursed on a bunch of people who gave me some weird looking. I was furious, man. I even shouted at two ladies outside the saloon and they ran away because the way they looked at me, made me feel un-human. I went to Cindy to grab some accessories, bought panties for Gabby and then off to supermarket to buy spaghetti. Before that we stopped at the coffee shop located at the lower level to have Coke and Sio Bee. Yum yum!

I bought 3 necklaces to accessories my office wardrobe. They are so gorgeous and sold for only RM10 each! Dinner was at 6:00 p.m. and I just had a plate of spaghetti. Spent all night inside my bedroom with Gabby and her Papa. We played PC games and read old magazines. I sew Gabby’s Pua Kumbu cloth to make her ‘selampai’ to complete her traditional costumes. Next week she will be on her first runaway and competed in the Kumang Gawai (Gawai beauty) contest. My Fail Meja now is 99% done, waiting to be printed next Monday. Ok then, I have to hop on my bed, hubby is snoring already. Tomorrow we will be attending the Evening Mass, quite ‘malas’ to wake up early. I’m tired in my head and body too. Already promised Gabby to take her out to have breakfast tomorrow. See ya next Monday people. Mwahhss!


Videos taken during our trip to Damai Beach Resort on Mother's Day.

Gabby is such a drama queen!


Yeap yeap... Thursday. Tomorrow Friday. End of the working days for the week. But works, still piling like poop. Yeah, I'm pooped by the poop. Waiting for the replacement for my assistant but until now, there's no news on the air. Even after I begged them who happened to have seminar in Miri, I mean the Human Resource Department. Cold response. Luckily, I had eaten Kolok Mee so I didn't pause for my coffee break. I just had my cereal mixed with Milo (picture). Joined Jen and Brenda for lunch at King Centre and followed by window shopping. Whadda hot day today! Hubby called me and informed me about Gabby's participation in Kumang Gawai Competition. Her name was initially not listed according to Gabby. Her Papa went to see Cikgu Saroja and they told him her name is in. Come on-lah I said. She was selected ok? We didn't simply apply for it, and some more we have signed the letter of consent. The truth story revealed. The 5 names on the board were the names for those who interested to participate. Lerrr.. you really made Papa so embarrassed lar Gabby. :p She smiled happily on the way to go home because she's still in the competition. Funny girl. She loves being on stage and never fear one.

Later in the evening we had our last dinner with my brother, Rodriguez. He's going back to Seremban tomorrow, I'm gonna miss him again but I know he'll be back again this October before going off to undecidable location for his practical training. Take care bro!


Bukan kerana kejayaan nya menjadi anak kepada Tom Cruise dan Katie Holmes

Atau kerana berjaya membuka francais Kuih Pau nya yang terkenal ittiewww..

tetapi kerana telah berjaya dan selamat melahirkan seorang bayi tembam lelaki seberat 3.20kgs jam 5:00 pagi tadi.

**Sorry Sue, kamek sik dapat melawat kitak harituk tek. Kamek petang kelak terpaksa ngantar adik mek balit kolej. Tahniah.


Happy Birthday to my naughty boss. Even though you turn my world upside down, I always respect you as my mentor and learn a lot from you. May God bless you, dear Boss. I just want you to know that you are the best boss I've ever had in this world. 51st birthday ek? 5 more years to be together, I will serve you as the best Personal Assistant as always even though you always make my head spinning. You really make my day with colorful rainbows and keep on smiling, never grow old! Happy Birthday Boss!!



Because of two things. The first one is my Fail Meja. Have 2 versions of it. I follow both and I really distracted by this thing for the whole week. My target is to get it ready by this Friday morning even though boss needs it on his table by next Monday. I’m sleepy-lah man but I have to complete it as soon as possible. These are the consequences if you are doing your job last minutely. Second thing is, my Gabby participation in her Kumang Gawai competition at school. I don’t mind if she is disqualified but at least someone please tell us what is going on. Hello?? Don’t you have a mouth to shout it out loud??!! Tak koser aku. She came back from school yesterday and told me in a very sad tone that her name was not in the list. Her grandpa confirmed me this afternoon that only 5 students are in. Ahh??? 5 persons? Is this somewhat an Akademi Fantasia Final Concert kah? As far as I am concerned that every class is sending 1 representative to compete in. What kinda school is that? And foremost our letter of consent is nothing but just a piece of junk to them. So there is no point to inform the involved parents if the situation is like that.

I don’t mind if she’ s not listed in but her frustration really breaks my heart. She took a nap when we’ve got home this evening and when she woke up.. with her eyes still closed she cried and told me something like this, “Mama… my name is not in the list, I don’t want to join Kumang Gawai anymore… sob sob…” Pity girl. I know how much she wanted to be on stage. I consoled her by telling her that Papa is going to KL at the end of this month and will buy her a lot of chocolates and pretty dolls. She smiled at last. I hugged her. Love her so much! I didn’t eat dinner tonight as I just had my mee jawa with satay earlier on. Very hungry indeed and that is why I hate to see rainy days plus the cold air-cond really make me hungry as hungry as a horse. I took my bath, started typing work, accompanied by Gabby. Hubby went to see his friends at nearby kopitiam to discuss some business plans.

Aiyaa.. so hungry. Again. I feel sleepy too and I’ve been yawning like 100 times since 10 o’clock. Suri was admitted to hospital today and I hope to hear good news tomorrow from her, as now she is giving birth to a baby boy. A new replacement will come tomorrow as promised to cover her duties. Ok then, I need to lay down for a while before continuing my works.


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Barisan pelakon-pelakon handalan.

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Aksi berani mati pelakon utama, sewaktu adegan kejar-mengejar.


Had my kolok mee this morning with hubby. It was good as good as its price, RM3.50. Hmm.. pricey huh? I can’t help myself to sneeze all day and this uncomfortable blocking nose really distracts my appetite. Normally by 11:30 a.m. I will search for food under my table or inside my drawer. I would always have instant noodles with Jen and Suri. Sometimes Yan, Nora and Neka also will join us. But today, it surprised me when the clock struck at 1:00 p.m. I did not show any sign of hunger.

I don’t want to starve later in the late afternoon so I just satisfy my pang with Myojo Pedas noodles and a mug of hot Milo. Really had no mood to work today, I felt so damn sleepy. I munched my biscuits at 4:00 p.m. just to avoid myself from becoming a sleepyhead. We dropped by my parents’ house at 6:00 p.m. to give my old man his eye-drops from the pharmacy. Mom made some Pulut tanak with Serunding Udang Kering. Superb!! Told her no kick at all, cos’ it’s spicy-ness was lesser. I really troubled her when she made another version with Chili Boh. This time, I really couldn’t put my head up while enjoying the tantalizing serunding. So alluring. Sedap giler mak.. mekasih bebanyak. Mmuaahhss… Ok lah, I have to clean up myself now. Very smelly, good smell ok? Still smelling like Fuzzy Peach scent from the Body Shop. Gosh, I am not feeling that good tonight. Kiss kiss. End.


Boss is on leave for two days. Bermakna 2 hari tanpa kerja berat dan seksaan otak. Still have debt to be settled that is my Fail Meja. Can you believe that all this while we’ve been working without Fail Meja and the situation is like sailing a ship without captain. You become a Pirate, Pirate of South China Sea. Just do anything possible. Without regulations. Well, that’s the only thought I have so far about my jobs. Blogging now is a way of life. Having your life published online doesn’t make me feel observed and eyed-on, I still have privacy. The only thing bothering me the most is, how my Wordpress’ blog being attacked by viruses. They invaded thru my ‘comments’ part. I really hate it as they are attacking heavily each day. Benci. For instance, out of 50 comments that I receive everyday, only a couple of them are from my friends and the rests are viruses. I just want to blog sincerely and happily. I love nice and smooth life. But these viruses really wasting my time to identify them and click them as ‘spams’. So here I am today, converted my blog to Blogspot. It’s slick and easy. Even my friend Jen, she changed from Blogdrive to Blogspot for the reason of hassle-free management. I agree.

I started my day today with a date-on-breakfast with my love. We just had our Chicken Sandwiches and a mug of plain hot sweet tea. I’m still coughing and having my flu. For lunch, hubby packed me fried eye-egg and some Yeo’s Sambal Udang. Lovely. I met a new friend online today. I knew him from Forum Cari. A very chatty boy, about the same age as my brother, Rodriguez. He’s studying Chemical Engineering in New Zealand and he is an Iban. Despite our gap of age, we are sharing the same interests. Music and food. Irony huh?

Something to share also today. On the way back from the office, we saw an accident occurred at Jalan Uplands. A Chinese man was sandwiched by his own Proton Saga, dark blue, plat number WCC something-something. So eerie, he’s covered in blood and conscious while the Rescue 991 tried to cut the metal, I mean his wrecked car. It seemed that he hit a lorry parked by the road side. Must be driving recklessly and so laju also if you happened to see the impact of the crash. Hubby didn’t have the guts to see it, but I was more brave and I tried my best to look while hubby drove our car slowly passing by the location. Urrgghh.. Later in the evening, hubby, Gabby and I had some beef burgers for dinner. Rice-less tonight at least. Hubby left home at 8:00 p.m. to meet his business partners. I watched Kylie Kwong’s Simply Cooking for a while and Gabby did her homework. Done. And now I’m blogging from my bedroom while waiting for my dearest hubby to come home. Okay then, I have to concentrate on my Fail Meja. See ya’ll tomorrow. Hugs and kisses. Ciao!


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During last month's Mother's Day, there was a surprise from Papa to Mama, he took us to resort to celebrate Mother's Day. Gabby the most excited one.

Gabby at one of the shops available nearby the hotel's lobby.

Posing lagi...

Understanding the rules and regulations. Tak muleh nakal-nakal woo..

Gabby with Papa

with Mama. Sayang Gabby! Thanks Papa and Gabby, Mama loves you both so very much!


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