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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Favourite Breakfast : Ling Loong Cafe's Seafood Kolo Mee

I have this weird habit to have breakfast at the same place for forever.  If I love any special dish at one place I will be loyal and would die if I don't have it for a day.

Introducing, Seafood Kolo Mee (RM7 per bowl).  The everyday must have.  Might be pricey for some people but who cares if you love it too much like me.  Why do I love this particular noodle too much?  Well.. let me list down the reasons for you... :

1.  Less oily taste unlike the normal pork kolo mee.
2.  They serve fresh fish meat, not the frozen Dory fish that you can easily find in the supermarket.
3.  A handful, lots lots and lots of crunchy garlic.
4.  Big fat shrimps~!!
5.  Special chili sauce to dip the shrimps, porkballs, fish meat etc.  But in my case, I just pour everything in and mix mix mix!  The sauce really gives the noodles a kick!!

Location is at Ling Loong Cafe, King Centre.  The stall owners are hubby-wife.  Go and give it a try!   Closed every Monday.

With Love,